At the moment one can set up electronic reports in RCS that integrate into Dataverse.
This is currently not possible from within a single company in F&O.

Request for change:
Enable a dataverse integration in electronic reports within F&O directly that allows a combined reporting of data from F&O and dataverse.

This is needed for a number of scenarios for example to create reports - such as the fixed asset report - where the fixed asset data is not tracked in F&O directly but in other subsystems/D365 tools.
Other use cases are related to the collection of transactional / statistical data that are collected - for example - via PowerPlatform applications. If those data are needed for reporting purposes, a parallel / secondary Dataverse datasource must be available for selection.

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Under Review



I came across another use case for the integration of data from the Cloud 4 Sustainability and the ability to include those data from dataverse in D365FO reports. Would be great if this could be realized. Thanks, Ludwig

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