Currently, the tax area is restricted to one for the whole document. This means that if there are multiple line items that require different tax area codes, then the only work around is to create multiple individual invoices. A tax area code column already exists but it's not editable (read-only). It would be really helpful to have this column be editable within the invoice lines to select a tax area code that should be applied to each specific line.
Ideas Administrator


Thank you for your feedback. Currently the design of the product is to not allow the tax area codes to be changed at the line level because we use the tax area code assigned to the header, if you need taxes to calculate differently you have the ability to change the tax group code as those two fields together determine how taxes are calculated.  You can also do the other workaround of creating different invoices for different tax area codes as you stated you are currently doing.

This is something we can definitely look for the future.  Looking at the amount of effort to change this may also require other changes within the fumctionaltiy of sales documents in general.

thank you for your feedback
Jennifer Ranz