We have several clients actively using Remote Assist on a daily basis. The start menu appears constantly for them and it is a big pain point. It routinely appears during normal operation, due to users washing their hands, donning gloves, or other activities that involve their hands clasping and coming together. While they are now very familiar with the voice command to close the start menu, this is still quite annoying for them as well as distracting. We are aware that one solution could be to rotate the visor into the up position at certain points to avoid the device seeing the hands and triggering the menu, but this is not possible for them, the visor must stay in the down position and they need to be looking at their hands for these processes.

Changing the start menu to only open via the one hand gesture (which requires the user to gaze directly at the button to trigger it) and a voice command would likely resolve this issue. Please see the following link for one of the many examples we have where this is an issue.

Category: HoloLens
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