In RTC we had both of the options below on factboxes, whereas in webclient this seems no longer available, which is a step backward.

- Collapsing of factboxes (seems not yet supported in BCoP)
- Promoted actions that appear on factboxes (they are no longer promoted and are one click further away in BCoP)

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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering why would that be valuable?

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My 2p:

- Collapsing factboxes would mean they wouldn't take up space aside from their title/'handle', giving a quick way for users to 'reveal' (shift up) subsequent factboxes that they care about more, this revealing more data more quickly, without having to e.g. scroll past other factboxes they don't care about.

- Promoted actions on factboxes would mean users could have important/common/convenient buttons available to click directly on the factbox, rather than having to first click on the title to open a submenu of actions. That means one click instead of two - which is always good to have as an option to speed up UX - and restoring a removed feature...!

Category: General