Good afternoon to all, It would be great if the "Subject" field can be used in the mapping of the Data instead of / or additional to the Case Title if the company prefers it. So you can choose how your data will be mapped based in the Subjects or the Case Title. The Case Titles are not standard, however the subjects are. Thank you

Needs Votes
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Thanks for the suggestion! A feature to map the issue summary or "case title" to a field that is not a text data type is under consideration, please vote to help increase the priority.

We do support mapping to any text field (single or multi-line of text) more details here: https://docs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/ai/customer-service-insights/map-data. As the "Subject" field is a lookup field to the Subject entity, it requires the additional feature under consideration.


CS Insights team



Thanks for submitting the idea, Adriana! Today, the data mapping in Customer Service Insights requires the same data type with the data field to map to. The "Subject" field is a lookup field which looks up values from Subject entity, thus it's not in the list for mapping today.

However, we understand there are scenarios where fields with other data types (in addition to single line of text) are actually used instead of case title, and we are actively evaluating the other data types we should support for this type of scenario. For other folks who want the same support, please don't hesitate to vote for this idea, so that we can prioritize it earlier than other items in our backlog.



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