The "Accrued Purchases excluding sales tax report" when run using a prior day "Cutoff date" does not report purchase order receipt corrections correctly. This report should report the receipt correction using the same date that is used to post the receipt correction to the GL. This ensures that the value of the accrued purchases will tie to the GL value of the accrued purchaes when a "Cutoff date" is used.
Example of current problem on D365 10.0.4 update 28: If you post a PO receipt on 7/15 and then do the PO correction on 7/16, the GL will use the 7/15 date and the Accrued Purchases will use the 7/16 date for the correction. This means that if you run an Accrued Purchases report with cutoff date = 7/15 this report will show the original value of the purchase receipt and the GL on 7/15 will show the corrected PO receipt value. They won’t match on 7/15.
Ideas Administrator

Included in fall 2020 release timeframe. Please see the 2020 Release Wave 2 plan notes for more details.