Since some time Microsoft introduced the field/table 'VAT clauses' on VAT posting setup. With this setup it is now possible to print some exemption texts (translated) on the invoice.

For some customers the VAT clause to be printed on the credit memo is different then the VAT clause on invoice.
F.E. normal VAT invoice: no VAT Clause to be printed
normal VAT credit memo: VAT clause to be printed (VAT to refund to the state to the extent that it was originally deducted)

Would it not be better to have seperate VAT clauses for invoice / credit memos (extra setup on VAT posting setup).
Or change the description 1 on table VAT clause to description invoice / description 2 (on table VAT clause) to description credit memo.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in Use VAT Clauses on different document types in Business Central Wave 2 2019 Release.