Many clients are finding paying vendors using Suggest Vendor Payments to pull in payables cumbersome and time consuming.

It's a great tool to pull in payables by specifying Last Payment Date, Vendor Priority, Payment Method Code, etc. however it's cumbersome to delete all the invoices/credit memos that you do not want in the batch.

Of course you can create payments from the vendor ledger entries and filter on the invoices, due date, etc. but that summarizes all invoices for a vendor which will not work if your vendor wants a check per invoice.

A great functionality to have would be generating a the payment journal batch by using a payment proposal that allows users to leverage the suggest vendor payment filters and then select which invoices to pay. That would reduce time so the user will not have to identify which invoices that will not be paid in the payment journal batch that might consist of 1000 lines.
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