As a project based professional service agency, a large portion of our business is to use vendors to purchase custom project specific goods on behalf of our clients. It would really be the last missing link for our business if Dynamics could offer something like a tab on the project page that would track Vendor Quotes and Purchase Orders. We often bid out different project elements to different Vendors, and being able to track those in one place would be ideal. The selected vendor items then would need to be included and marked up in the Project Estimate. Also it would be ideal if the selected vendor bid could be easily converted into a Purchase Order by the project manager in order to be marked as received by the warehouse staff.

Essentially, it seems that Microsoft has worked out the Time portion and the Expense portion, but is missing the Materials portion, aka purchasing goods from Vendors on behalf of customers. Once they can include that capability, Dynamics Project Operations will be close to a complete solution for project based companies!
Ideas Administrator

The subcontractor onboarding and management and managing vendor invoices has been released as part of the Oct 2021 release wave. Here's the docs link: Subcontract management in Project Operations | Microsoft Docs