In previous versions of Dynamics AX we were able to set security - access rights on fields level. So that employee one can edit some fields on the form and others may not. Employee two may not edit fields of employee one, but can edit others. Give us this funcionality back, it is asked by our customers. This was previously solved by overlayering (NeededPermission - Manual), but now when only extensions are possible we lost this possibility. This is not possible even with controls. This should be possible as standard security funcionality of the Dynamics 365 FO. For exmple:

Employee 1 - can edit fields A, B, C
Employee 2 - can edit fields D, E, F
Employee 3 - can edit fields A, D, F

All on same form, perhaps Sales Invoice. But this should be possible in every form in whole system by configuring security on role level.
Needs Votes