There are presented Prompt texts from Info codes in POS transactions form.

Steps to reproduce
1. Go to Released product, select any product eg 0021. Press button Retail/ Info codes
2. Enter Info code = Phone
3. Run job 1030 – Info code information to upload changes to Store
4. Login to POS
5. Enter Product 0021
6. Select any Data plan for first Info code
7. For the second Info code try to type any value in Enter field.

Verify that there are presented in POS in Transaction form Prompt texts for Info codes plus entered values.

As this information was not appearing before and prompt information was configured accordingly . Now lots of unnecessary information is appearing which is causing readability issue to user. MS can provide prompt information in parameter i.e. if we want to have this information on POS then mark this parameter otherwise unmark. In short, this prompt information must be optional to show with info code information on POS transactions.
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