The barcode scanning experience should be enabled for order fulfillment operations Pick and Pack.


Sales order for item A, item B, item C, item D.

These items should be picked first, but not packing slip updated yet.


In the store commerce app, order fulfillment operation we want to scan all barcodes for the sales order in random sequence. This should change the line state (inventory transaction status) to picked.


Current option is to select the line and mark it for being picked, but the form is not enabled for barcode scanning.

When you need to scan e.g. 5-20 customized products with unique barcodes per sales order validation through barcode scanning is a must.

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Thanks for your feedback. This is a great suggestion. We have added this to our backlog to be considered in a future release. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager, Dynamics 365 Commerce.