Business Scenario: currently Adyen Connector for Credit Card in Call Center/Web will only allow a single capture against one authorization and the system will automatically reverse the remaining amount from the original authorization and then create a brand new authorization for the remaining amount that was not captured from the initial capture. Since Bank network reversal often takes 3 to 7 days to release the fund back to customer's account multiple authorizations will most likely over hold customer's fund on their cards. This is especially an issue for when a customer uses a debit card. For example, customer buys 2 items at $60 and $40, and the initial authorization = $100. We capture and ship the $40 item first, Adyen will capture for the $40 and send a reversal message for $60 and then create another $60 authorization, so essentially at this point we are holding total of $160 of customer's fund under the reversal get process by the bank network in the next few days. Expected functionality is to allow multiple captures against one authorization which is available functionality from the Ayden payment processing.

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2020 Release Wave 1
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Thank you for your feedback.   We do have this feature work in our backlog - please keep an eye on our release notes.  This feature will be published here when we have a confirmed delivery timeline.   Thanks, Holly Haines - Principal Program Manager



Incremental capture is what customers expect and want whenever orders are split. Without incremental capture, they are authorized over and above the order total, creating an extremely negative shopping experience.

Category: Payments