Currently links to articles are version dependent. So if an article gets updated links made to it previously will then go to the archived article - and there's no way to automatically update links. It would make sense for links to be based on the persistent article ID number.
Also ideally links would be aware of the user's content - so that if you're in app A a link to an article will also open in app A, not in the app that the link was created in.
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Links dependence on version is a nightmare for us. We may add 5-6 related articles on the "Related Information" tab to compensate inability of creating a table of content. As soon as related article is updated, it is not displayed on the front-end anymore. Instead of 5-6 related articles, we see only 1 or 2.

When we refer another article inside the body of the article, the link doesn't depend on the version.

Why can't you provide the same behavior for related articles links?

This bug also significantly affects references to internal articles which we don't display on the front-end. Linking to related articles in totally useless in this case.

Please consider fixing this bug!


Category: Knowledge Management