Norwegian Tax Authority, Skatteetaten, requires that a company’s main account in is linked to a valid standard ledger account in the SAF-T file from Dynamics 365.
The mapping is on Electronic reporting, configuration setup for the SAF-T Format (NO) configuration, StandardMainAccount_Lookup.

Our client have over 1150 main accounts and found that it easy to lose track on the mapping when doing the initial mapping. They found that it would be useful to have a validation that gave a warning when trying to map a company main account that they already had mapped (like an index with “Allow dublicates” = No). A main account shall only be mapped to a standard account once. This will reduce the risk for errors and that they reports a wrong standard account in the SAF-T XML.
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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will evaluate possibility to consider this in our roadmap


Elizaveta Golub,

Senior PM,