Standard Triggers, created and provided by Microsoft when you install D365 Marketing, allow us to access an entire related entity record and not just a field value. For example, the Event Registration Created trigger gives us access to the related Event record to pull all kinds of information about the Event.

Please enable/allow us to do this in Custom Event Triggers as well. Today, when you create a custom event trigger - you add/define a set of attributes. Those attributes map to single field values and is limited to 8 (I think) attributes. Unfortunately, there are times where this is not sufficient and we need a lot more information.

When we create a new custom event trigger - and we add attributes - please allow us to add related entity records as well. For example: my custom event trigger notifies me when a Contact has a question about an event. I would like it to pass me their most recent related Event Registration record, the related Event record of that Registration, the related Session records, etc.

Category: Event Triggers



This has been added to the feature roadmap and is being worked on for delivery

Category: Event Triggers