Suggestion: Allowing for the auto bank reconciliation to post one to many as well as many to one transactions.

Currently in Business Central: Multiple G/L transactions can be matched to a single bank transaction but we cannot match a single G/L transaction to multiple bank transactions

Use Case: With many clients bank transactions can be lumped into a single G/L transaction.
e.g. sales for restaurants from their POS, monthly bank fees etc.
Without the ability to match multiple bank lines to a single G/L transaction with the auto-match we are required to do the bank reconciliation in the manual format.
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Thank you for your feedback, we will consider this suggestion as we plan moving forward.




When you worked with the Bank Reconciliation module in BC, it becomes obvious that MS never tested it in a real world situation. This one is critical. Mindblowingly frustrating that something this simple just doesn't work.

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how can this not have more votes /cry

Also please allow matching:
a. bank lines with bank lines
b. GL entries with GL entries

I just helped a colleague for 1h15m to do a bank reconciliation for a bank account where GL account matched the actual bank :(

Category: Financial Management