Hello Microsoft Team,

Thanks for the hardwork so far.
I found an issue, the issue was coming once I add Custom Lookup View with filtered view and custom layoutxml into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Form. That is when I added the Custom Lookup and set it as default view replacing the standard default view, I can get the filtered data, but when I take a look more detail, I realized that the layoutxml that I set and the data result are different, they are not alligned each other, it gave me the data which is exactly same with the default view. For example, I set in my lookup view layout XML 5 columns, but the default view only has 2 columns, then it will show 5 column header, but with the 2 columns data. At the very first time I notice that it gave me correct layout and data, but after that, it refreshed by itself no sooner after that, and it appeared with wrong data, but yes, it got filtered, so the fetch xml condition was actually working, the layoutxml also I could get the header, but just the data.

It is going well if I click the refresh button. I tested it to 3 entities and 3 lookup fields, and they gave same result.
I tested using CRM 2011 with same code without any problem.
I need this issue to be fixed since customer wants to see all of the columns, not only from the default view, which is like product lookup in Quote Product, we cannot customize it.

For the screenshot, I have submitted the case to the community:


Thank you for the help