When posting a vendor payment, the Vendor Page reflects a column for total payments, as does the Vendor Statistics. However, if the payment is voided, the information in both the column and the statistics both show the original payment amount. If a replacement payment is made, it displays both the payments. Thus making it look like the vendor has been overpaid. The payments field should reflect the decrease for the voided payments.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering resolving this product suggestion through open source contributions from our community.
You can contribute by assigning yourself on following GitHub issue: https://github.com/microsoft/BusinessCentralApps/issues/215.

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Short Version:

This issue is related to the fact that Gen. Journal Posting does not allow Entry Type 'Payment' have a Negative Amount for Vendors.

I have created an Open Source PTE to resolve this: https://github.com/TheDoubleH/BCVoidPayment

Long Version:

From a Technical perspective, here is the issue:

When a User voids a check from the Check Ledger Entries page, A call is made to Codeunit 367 – CheckManagement -> Function FinancialVoidCheck

That function sets the Document Type to “ “ (Blank), which leads to the Vendor Ledger Entry to have a Blank Entry Type.

While the Check Ledger is flagged as Voided and the Balance is correctly adjusted, the Detail Vendor Ledger Entry will not tell a complete story;
If We look at Check 206, the ‘initial’ Detailed Vendor Ledger Entries created end up like this:

The issue is that the Calculation formula for the Payments (LCY) Field on the Vendor Table, filters for Entry Type = Initial Entry, “Initial Document Type” = Payment (And Vendor No and other fields)

And THIS leads the Payment to show an incorrect amount on the Vendor Statistics Factbox

By now, I hope You realize that this is indeed an issue that needs to be resolved.

How do we fix it?
I suspect that the Document Type is left blank, due to the fact that codeunit 11 - Gen. Jnl.-Check Line prevents a Vendor Payment with a Negative Amount (Which makes perfect sense).

Luckily the Check Management Financial Void Check function sets a field: “Financial Void” to true. This means, that we have a possibility to negate the Negative Amount for Vendor Payments in CU11, as well as Positive Amounts for Customer Refunds.

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I agree with Deb Lashua. This functionality needs to be updated in Business Central to reflect the correct payment amount. Otherwise the field is not useful but confusing.

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