Organizational Units are very important for Bookable Resources that start from a central yard. The following enhancements would be very welcome: 1. Provide address fields for Organizational Units, so as to be able to identify the location of the Organizational Unit by address, not just the name 2. Enable a Geocode button functionality, similar to what's available for Accounts/Contacts/Users, rather than forcing admins to explicitly enter Latitude and Longitude literals on the Form. 3. Modify the Out Of The Box Form to include Address and Lat/Long information; currently, the Form doesn't expose these fields 4. Hide Organizational Units under Resource Scheduling > Administration (along with some of the other tiles under Resource Scheduling that should be the domain of Administrators, not regular Users: Booking Statuses, Priorities, Resource Skills, Resource Roles, etc; these all appear under Field Service > Administration, but under Resource Scheduling, they appear as tiles rather than under Resource Scheduling > Administration).

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Thank you for your feedback.
We have this in our product backlog but not in our immediate roadmap. 

Vinay Nalam,
PM, Microsoft.



Is this feature not available yet? even in 2021 release Wave 2? We are being forced to key in lat & long but as mentioned above by Boris, NO address fields given in Org Unit form, and button to GeoCode. Pls incorporate this feature asap since you are forcing us to provide lat&long in while we create Bookable Resource of type Equipment/Facility

Category: Universal Resource Scheduling