When moving an unmanaged solution from one environment to another (perhaps via source control), an administrator may encounter errors on import referring to missing dependencies (example below). The error message refers to versioned packages which are present in D365 Apps, but there appears to be no explicit way of identifying which package is contained in which app (the documentation on this point - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/maker/data-platform/import-update-export-solutions - states that there will be a link available to install the app, but that's not my experience). It would be helpful if the error message either (a) explicitly stated which app should be installed to resolve each dependency or (b) included a link to a list that allowed the user to identify the app that contains each package.

There are missing dependencies. Install the following solutions before installing this one: "Dynamics365Company (", "Dynamics365FinanceAndOperationsCommon (", "Dynamics365FinanceExtended (", "FieldServiceCommon (", "Dynamics365SupplyChainExtended (", "HCMCommon ("



To clarify point (b), at risk of being didactic, for the example error message, I think a helpful list would be in the form "Package A" included in "App 1", e.g. "Dynamics365Company package is included in Finance and Operations Virtual Entity app", "FieldServiceCommon package is included in Dynamics 365 for Field Service app". Pointing the administrator to PPAC > Resources > Dynamics 365 Apps would be helpful.

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