While working with one of the customer we figured out that they have multiple sequential tasks to be executed while working on a work order. This is fulfilled through usage of Service tasks under an incident type. However, the service tasks also have a conditional logic and for each of the service task they also have series of steps to be executed. The scenario looks something like below. Service- task-1: Conditional check (review procedure) Service- task-2: If output of review procedure is A then execute Service task-3 Else Execute Service task-4 Service- task-3: Step-1 Step-2 Step-3 Step-n Service-task-4: Step-1 Step-2 Step-3 Step-n Currently, service tasks under the incident types does have the feature of conditional logic and to add steps under each service tasks. We can customise this by creating a custom "Steps" entity with 1:N relationship. However, an out of the box feature to build conditional logic around service tasks and the flexibility to add steps would really help.
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2020 Release Wave 2
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Thank you for your feedback.

This suggestion is very similar to something already in our roadmap. While there are some differences, I suspect they both acheive the same functional end.

In April 2020, we will be releasing a preview of our Inspections functionality. In October, we expect this feature to be GA. Initially, during preview, this will not accomodate conditional logic; however, it is on our near-term roadmap. I hope that, by October 2020, the inspections with conditional logic functionality will enable a customer to drive an equivalent functional scenario.

Thanks for your idea and please check out our inspections preview.

Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service



Hello Jason,

I checked the inspections functionality. However, I think it does not fulfil the conditional branching at service task level.

An individual Inspection, has questions (steps as per my problem statement) and the conditional branching can be enabled for inspection questions. But, I am more curious about enabling conditional branching at service task level.

Category: Work order