When creating an RFQ from a planned Purchase order, the user has no opportunity to enter site and warehouse.
When creating a manual RFQ these fields are there. With an RFQ created from a planned PO, one cannot access site and warehouse on the RFQ header. Result is that the generated PO has blank site and warehouse in the PO header. Idea is super simple: to avoid personalization of site and warehouse on the RFQ header (which is now the only way to survive this scenario) have the site and warehouse on the RFQ header be there. If I create a manual PO and I forget to put in site/warehouse on the create screen, I can do that later on the PO header. The same way it should be for the RFQ header. 

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for entering this idea. The site and Warehouse on the Header tab of the RFQ case is used as the information that is carried on to the RFQ and then to the PO. So if you create a RFQ case from planned orders then update those fields directly. No need for customization. That is why we have updated the status as Declined - since we see no need for development.