When the user reconciling the bank transactions in the Account Reconciliation from (Cash and Bank Management >Bank accounts> Bank accounts >Reconcile >Account reconciliation>Transactions ), need select the transactions as “Cleared” line by line. For user friendly and efficiency purpose, the D365 system should provide the "Mark all" & "Clear all" feature in case there are thousand lines.

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Yes, this is much needed functionality that Microsoft can bring into their upcoming versions. There is option for marking cheque intervals but this functionality as the name suggests will help only when we are reconciling the Payments. There are the scenarios or business requirements where there is huge number of lines related to transactions not having Cheque Number.

User can do workings for the reconciliation by exporting the rows from the Bank Reconciliation form into excel. And after identifying the reconciled transactions, these transactions can be selected using the Advanced Filter.

But then we would require functionality to mark all the lines that have been selected after this working. Microsoft should consider this functionality as it would be really user-friendly and saves time.

Category: Cash and bank management