In my company we have the following scenario:
filter some work orders (20-50 items) by street and schedule them to a bookable resource person.
Currently this can be done, one by one, but takes a lot of time.
Is there any existent feature that can help us to do this faster?
If not, please consider to implement such a feature.
Thank you,
Ideas Administrator

You can leverage Resource Scheduling Optimization to achieve this scenario. For more, please refer to this document https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/customer-engagement/field-service/rso-overview



Would be a very nice feature for the RSO - select a subset of Work Orders and click an Optimize Button to optimize just the Work Orders in the selected Scope.
Unfortunately, that means you'd be limited to no more than 250 Work Orders per this localized scope, since you're limited to 250 records per page.

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