With current schedule customers have an option to avoid Microsoft auto PQU updates taking Service updates with PQU-3 version for each planned upgrades. i.e Customers just need to do three regression testing for an year and no need of any targeted testing for PQUs. The one reason customers was able to do it is due to 3 version skip. Now with one version skip and PQU every month thereafter for 8 to 9 months it’s not possible. Customers need to spend time on two regression testing for service updates for an year and then every month need to do targeted testing for PQUs. To avoid spending time on testing every month for PQU's, customers should have an option to Opt out from Proactive Quality Update.




Hope customers get an option to pause the PQU and if customers come across issues, Customers can deploy latest PQU in a sandbox and test it before reaching to Microsoft support. That will be viable solution than forcing customers to spend time for targeted testing as well as Customers will have to follow their internal change control process every month for Microsoft monthly PQU’s.

Category: Lifecycle Services