We need to reserve an available license access for BC On Premise (and NAV) in order to interface it with third-party application (e.g. B2B solution or web site).

In the same manner, we need to reserve an available access for Task Scheduler.

It would be great to have a type per license. This type of license could be assign to a "user" (table User).
In that case, the counting license need to ignore the licence type <> User.

Goal : securing the information system for scheduling task and web service/odata
Category: General
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Since NAV 2018 the license model was changed to named user, which allows single user to have multiple session from different devices. Means even if all licensed users are currently working with the system, the system will allow OData calls or execution of Background Tasks for those users.

Please provide more details why this model doesn't work for you or your customers.