Situation right now:
When starting the Dynamics 365 plugin (the modern one) to track an appointment or email, authenticating and loading the plugin takes 10-15 seconds under the best circumstances, often times this takes even longer.

You can circumvent this somewhat for emails by pinning the app while browsing emails in a folder, which allows you to switch between emails without having to reauthenticate and reload the plugin - which reduces the time you have to wait for the plugin drastically, down to 1-3 seconds usually.

This workaround doesn't work when opening emails in a separate window - even if the app is pinned in the main window the wait time is 10-15 minimum.
This workaround also doesn't work at all for appointments, as there's no option to pin the app in the calendar.

Suggested Changes:
Reduce wait times to 1-3 seconds (basically the time it takes when you have the app pinned to an email list) in general. 10-15 seconds of waiting when going through the appointments of an entire day to track them to D365 is completely unacceptable performance, as this is per appointment.

There are multiple ways I could think of to improve performance, e.g
* change authentication handling (the user is already authenticated from windows logon, could this be used instead of taking 10 seconds just to authenticate?)
* improve overall plugin performance by moving from IE to Edge browser engine - MS Docs say that Edge should be in use, but the plugin apparently is hard-coded to use IE right now.
* find a way to pin the app for appointments (probably would require changes to Outlook, so a bit out of scope probably)
* sort out whatever data is being retrieved in these 10-15 seconds (I have no idea what kind of data is retrieved, but I was told by the dev team that "authentication and initial data retrieval" is what causes the 10-15 seconds of loading time.

I'm sure the dev team that maintains the app has even more ideas to fix this.
Needs Votes