Currently IC transactions between different production environments require considerably manual intervention. The transfer type of file or email require the user to get the file, switch to the destination company, import the file in the IC Inbox and Action it.
For a group with 4 or 5 companies, each requiring different localisations, trying to use the IC functionality as is now will generate too much manual work, in total contradiction with the direction BC is headed towards.
Could we have an automated process, similar to the one available for companies within the same production environment? VAT Group functionality for GB allows a user to connect end import data from another environment (in the cloud and or on-prem). Similar functionality could be employed here.
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I think this is related to the suggestion in the following URL:

- https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=c743630f-2f31-ea11-8454-0003ff689747

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