In standard D365FO owner dimension (tracking dimension) is not defaulted to production order BOM line (like the own company owner dimension value inherits to sales order line). Thus, production picking list line is lacking owner dimension and therefore cannot be posted using backflushing (picking list posted automatically when job/operation or production order is reported as finished). (Note: there is inventory on-hand for the item with own company owner dimension.) Manually entering owner dimension to each BOM line is not feasible solution, because there can be dozens of BOM lines. Making inventory ownership change is not feasible, because it is not done on production order basis. Ownership is changed in larger quantities. More detailed setup: - Production picking list is created and posted through job card journal using BOM consumption parameter (creates derived journal). However, this also happens when production picking list is created manually using lot-id as a reference. - Warehouse normal warehouse (not WHS process enabled) - Owner dimension cannot be given on BOM line (BOM table) so that it would be inherited to production BOM line.

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This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Johan Hoffmann, Program Manager