Business Central (and NAV before it) have had the option to "Reverse" transactions. This reversal works well in that it posts entries to remove the effect of the first entry and marks that everything is reversed by other entries and such. The Customer and Vendor transactions even apply to each other so that there is no "Remaining Amount" on those transactions.

The Bank Transactions, though, are left with the Open field set to Yes. This causes great confusion when looking at the Bank Reconciliation window (which filters out transactions where Reversed = Yes) and it only shows a few transactions, and looking at the Bank Ledger Entries looking for Open transactions, now listing a number of transactions because they have been Reversed by BC doesn't close them.

As soon as a Bank Ledger Entry is part of a Reversed transaction it should be marked as Open=No. This will result in a similar result to what already happens in Customer and Vendor transactions.

Needs Votes