Allow to backup the productive database to LCS library. Especially for after go live phase, the data needs to be analized more often on DevBox. MS recommends backup over UAT, but this data should be keeped longer, as the customer saved process cases.
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This would be super helpful. When you have a project on-going, and you need your non-production environments, the process for exporting PROD to LCS asset library is very tedious. If you have critical data in all non-prod environments that is required for testing, then the steps to get production data into LCS are as follows:

* Export non-prod data
* Refresh non-prod from prod
* Export non-prod
* Import to non-prod data that was previously saved

This does not cater for post SQL scripts required for specific customer requirements. Also, if you have a lot of encrypted data, then this needs to all be manually re-entered as well. It's really time consuming to get a simple backup of production data into the LCS project asset library. This would be super helpful and handy if this was implemented.

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