ALL queue items, regardless if the condition in the ARC applies or not, are ALWAYS deactivated. According to Microsoft documentation this is a standard behaviour: "When an automatic record creation ARC rule is applied to an Email queue item, it gets deactivated".

Then please explain, what is the default way to work on E-Mails (Queue Items) in case they were NOT converted automatically? This must be a valid scenario, otherwise Microsoft wouldn’t offer the possibility to use a condition on automatic creation records?


From my understanding, E-Mails NOT converted to cases shouldn’t just disappear, as customers may need to continue to work on them manually. 

Please make sure, that queue items, that are applied to an ARC, but do NOT meet the filter criteria, just stay activated (or are re-activated autamatically). Thank you!

This would help the customers to have a "half-automatic" process and reduce the efforts of a workaround with Power Automates, that only re-design 95% of the way the ARC provides already.




Great idea! I agree, it is confused and nobody knows how to deal.

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YES! I was just about to post this as I found this one. I just wrote a blog post about this not so logical logic.

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