When importing data into an entity, if there is bad data (Examples below), the exceptions are recorded in Staging log details. These lines will never make it into the staging tables. The errors are usually of type "value violates integrity". The column of the table that threw this error is highlighted. However, there is no way of finding where in the file we imported the errors occurs. This becomes important when the file being imported has a lot of lines, like 1000 lines and becomes a manual and extremely high time consuming task to find where the error happened. This list of errors against the lines also needs to be sent across via the REST api. Bad data examples: 1. Value "TEN" instead of "10" for the Quantity field which expects a number and not a string 2. Invalid date entered like 15/15/2019

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Hi Shashi-- 

We are closing this idea for lack of details as asked earlier. If you would like us to consider this idea, pls share the requested information with me at sunilg@microsoft.com. 


Sunil Garg