Because the Field Service Mobile application is designed for field technicians, and in many sectors it is literally the field, it is necessary to take into consideration that these people do not have a high level of technological knowledge.
The Field Service Mobile application does not allow various settings to be hidden from the configuration menu, and leaves the user free to touch settings that they should not. Therefore, I propose as an improvement to have the possibility of hiding the configuration fields, which are currently not feasible to hide them such as: design panels, language, list buttons, change list, private graphics, use the OAuth system, web service, etc.
Category: Mobile
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the feedback - this is not an ehnacement we will make to the current Field Service Mobile application. We recommend you try out the new Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile application which has a different navigation model that keeps settings and configuration out of the primary view of a technician.



Field Service Mobile PM Team