In our large, decentralized organization, we use Dynamics 365 as the ERP/CRM for smaller entities. These tend to be independent from each other, and each thus wants its own D365 F&O instance which it can customize as needed, and has no requirement to share data with its peers.
Consequently, in LCS we end up with multiple projects (which require manual intervention by MS D365 FastTrack to create) and a single pool of subscriptions and environments even though each entity has purchased its own. I would like to see the following improvements:
- provide a clear path within LCS for adding a new implementation project in a multi-instance environment.
- provide visibility into the "blocks" of subscriptions, and provide some means to organize them (at the very least to label them).
- ideally make it possible to assign blocks of subscriptions to an owner who can do as they please with those licenses, but can't touch those of other owners
- make it possible to associate additional sandbox environments with a given project within LCS, and hide it from the other projects, to avoid confusion
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