It would be great to accommodate / visible more fields in One Page. (Page should be like NAV 2009 Classic Client). Display verticals tabs instead of Row Tabs (Fast Tab). Making Small Fonts Size to accommodate more fields in one page.

It shall be helpful; Reduce Scrolling Time, Fast Data Entry Process, Extracting Quick Information, Easy to Use and Understand, Simple Navigation, More Information in One Screen.
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: <reason>


Business Central Team



As per feedback from my connects;
1. look and feel (appearance) needs change to adopt more fields in a page and contain more data in a page. Need to have small font size, reduce size of grids, height and width of fields which is consuming large amount of size from page.
2. Should focus on reducing time for data entry part and look from end user point of view. If we compare with previous versions, previously data entry was quick due to its appearance and simplicity.
3. Tiles and Graph size to be reduce from dashboard
4. There should be menusuite for easy navigation and to know what are the features are there in the product. It is easy marketing too.

Category: Financial Management