It will be very helpful to see 4 lines e.g. for Servicetask from each record, because there are important Informations like

Resource / Taskname / Customer Asset Number and Customer Asset Short Description to pick immediately the rigth task.

Mobile View on Android:

 Only 3 Lines are shown


In Windows Mobile App:

 It works fine because of List view

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This has been implemented in the new UX of Field Service Mobile.

To get this done in UCI/Platform, please submit this idea in this forum Power Apps Ideas · Community, use the User Experience Category



I can't add a screenshot, thats why I try to explan via text

Current situation on android smartphone:

Line 1: Taskname

Line 2: Resource

Line 3: Asset Number

Suggestion on Android smartphone:

Line 1: Taskname

Line 2: Ressource

Line 3: Asset Number

Line 4: Asset Short Description

The Line order depends on the List view colums.

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