As soon as there is no stock at the PICK location, replenishment is made using Wave Demand Replenishment.

So far so good, but when there is no stock, "replenishment work" is created for the PICK location and then "Order picking of raw materials" for the production order

However, Dynamics no longer looks at the unit conversion, in this example it asks for 146 pieces instead of 3 boxes of 45 pieces and 11 individual pieces.

Suggested enhancement:

Customer cannot expect from warehouse workers to use a calculator to calculate back how many boxes they need to pick based on the number of pieces displayed.

Hence, customer expects (Suggests) to consider the unit conversion when wen there is no stock, "replenishment work"

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a duplicate of ID0157584 with the title “Raw material picking work with Round up to unit enabled is created in incorrect unit of measure with demand replenishment



Per Lynnerup

PM, Microsoft