A typical italian requirement is to enable the calculation of depreciation charges starting from the beginning of the year, with no regard to the actual acquisition’s date.
In case of:
• monthly depreciations;
• manual method and
• multi-acquisitions
D365FO is not able to calculate correctly the depreciation values, both with reference to the single month and to the total for the year.
Currently the only solution is to manually correct the amounts calculated and proposed by the system but in case of a certain number of records it’s very time consuming.
The suggestion is to calculate the depreciation amounts on the sum of the acquisitions and acquisition adjustments in the year, eventually retrieving values for the previous months not yet calculated.
So, if for example I have an acquisition in February and an acquisition adjustment in july, with reference to the second acquisition I expect that D365FO retrieves all the depreciation charges not calculated for the previous months (in this case from January to june) and sum them to the amount calculated for the current month (july).
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We will consider this suggestion in our roadmap.


PM, Olga Oskina,