Add functionality that validates email addresses like Neverbounce does. This will allow users to clean-up segments and subscription lists. We need real time email verification and cleaning.


Some examples of how to include this feature could be:
1. When I build or view a segment or subscription list, I want to see a button that says "Clean List". This button will either remove all Contacts with invalid addresses from the segment/list OR provide me with options on what to do. For example, it found 15 invalid addresses for reason X. What do you want to do? Leave alone, remove, fix

2. I want to generate a report. I will choose segments and/or subscription lists to run through validation. The tool will tell me the results so that I can share them with others in my business. It will also give me options for invalid addresses found such as remove, leave alone, or fix.

3. I want the option to "validate email addresses" on my Marketing forms so that if the address isn't valid, it cannot be submitted.

4. Add an option to customer journeys. This option will allow me to run my segment/list through validation before an email is sent. When checked, the tool will validate addresses upon sending emails. If addresses are not valid, the email will not be sent.

5. Add validation to Contact/Lead/Account records. When an email address is entered, it says whether it is valid or not.
Category: Segmentation
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Yes, we would love to have an email validation feature like this! We use emailable to validate all of our emails currently and it is a lot of effort to export/import/clean static segments at this time. It isn't even possible to do with dynamic segments since those are constantly updating. If updates could be made to the new email validation feature that Microsoft is releasing in preview right now that could include these items that would be great.

Category: Segmentation