Asynchronous customer orders are not supported in different stores that Have the "Async" functionality on.

How to: create a customer order in store "A" that is with Async mode on, and then complete the order in store "B" where an available worker can fulfill the order. It is important to have Async mode on for both stores.
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Thank you for this idea, but it is not clear what the idea is.   If Async mode is enabled (which is done either through feature management or functionality profiles depending on your version), then there is a delay (timing of this delay will depend on batch job scheduling) from the time the order gets created in Store A until it is synced to HQ.  But we don't use Async for order retrieval, this is always a realtime service call.   So if the order created in Store A is supposed to be fulfilled by Store B, then as soon as the Store A order is synced to HQ, Store B will be able to retreive it and fulfill it via Order Recall or Order Fulfillment operations in POS.   Please update or add comments to your idea to clarify further - but it's not clear from the message what this product idea is.  Thank you - Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager - Dynamics 365 Commerce.