This client has the business requirement to print review (Employee development > Performance > Reviews > Print review), and the printed out document should has the Goal's Overview field ( Table: HCMGoal, Employee development > Performance > Goals).
By checking the "Performance Review Model" from Electronical Reporting, its' data source is Class: HcmPerformanceReviewReportModelProvider, but no Method is available to get the Goal.Overview value.
Suggest Microsoft Talent Product Team to add a new Method to retrieve the Goal.Overview
Needs Votes



Managers love to have all the review details on one printed copy when having a one to one walk through meeting with the team member. Right now goal overview cannot be included on the report which makes the report very little value or no value. This is the feedback from our client, unfortunately they are not able to use the report right now. Which i kind of understand, there is no point having a printed report if the manager has to login to HR system anyway to get the other important details.

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