Customers have often asked for a feature that we can call "repromising".

I have my original ATP date but suddenly, I can do better. (big order was canceled)

Or.... I have to retract my promise date and give a later date (truck did not arrive because of flooding in Houston).

I would certainly not have the time to hit each sales order line and recalculate ATP.

There should be a batch program that runs for all sales line with delivery date control ATP or ATP + issue and print a report with those sales orders that have a changed ATP date.! then we know which customers to call and reconfirm their order, either for a better date or for a worse date . This functionality would perfectly enhance the existing and satisfy a rather basic need of many companies I know with high volume sales orders.

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Appreciate you taking the time to submit the product suggestion. We will monitor the votes and other feedback to consider in future backlog.
Lachlan Cash – Principal Program Manager - Microsoft



Yes, this requirement is important. Otherwise it is not possible to make reasonable use of the ATP, because the appointments are always outdated.

Category: Sales and marketing