For every customer new custom entities are created and in a lot of scenario's it's needed to e-mail. I'd like to have functionality to use dynamic fields from related entities from a custom entity in an e-mail (template).


  • custom entity: Group
  • fields: Name, startdate, enddate
  • custom entity: Group Member
  • fields: Name, related contact (lookup Contact), related Group (lookup Group)
  • an e-mail needs to be send to the Group Member. Therefor I need fields from the related entities:
  • Firstname (from the related Contact)
  • Start- and Enddate (from the related Group)

Requirement for customers

  • easy to maintain the e-mail templates to body text and dynamic fields

Both Firstname, Start- and Enddate cannot be added to an e-mail (template) because I can only choose fields from the main custom entity Group Member and not from it's related entities like Group and Contact.

This is the article that Microsoft provides: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/user/email-dynamic-text

In a ticket with Microsoft I understand that my scenario cannot be achieved out of the box.

There are some workarounds that is possible to achieve what I want, but all with cons.

  1. Use Power Automate / Logic App. Then it's possible to achieve what I want. The disadvantage of this method is that it's not good to maintain e-mailtemplates. If a customer needs to change anything, they have to do this in a PA or LA, that's not really user friendly. A salesperson will never do that. This option doesn't meet the customer requirement.
  2. Synchronize data from Contact and Group to Group Member. The disadvantage of this method is that data is synchronized and is from a architectural point of view not a good idea. It's ugly. While the Firstname doesn't change often of a person, the start- or enddate from a Group might change. Then all data from Group > Group Members needs to be updated. That's ugly and causes unnessary changes in the system.
  3. Use Dynamics Marketing. Ofcourse this is possible. But not for all clients you want to use Dynamics Marketing for easy e-mail options.

So it would be great if Microsoft adds functionality to extend the possibility to use dynamic fields from related entities from custom entities in an e-mail!