It would be extremely helpful to have the same set up we currently have for the BACS Vendor Payment, but on the Customer side.
CURRENT BACS Available Electronic Payment Setup for Vendor:

We would like the same format file produced when we create a Supplier Payment Journal > Payment Proposal > Create Payment Proposal > Generate Payments.
Same format file and set up to be replicated for:
Customer Payment journal and then click on Customer Payment Proposal > Create Payments > Functions > Generate payments.

Currently is not possible to have the same exact BACS payment model, or create a copy of it, remapping the files and model (ERVendOutPaymControlReport and PaymentAdviceReport). The model, and all other fields should look at the Debtor rather than at the Vendor and also be functional.

We do already have the DD configuration but this is not what we require, the aim is to have the same BACS configuration as per the Purchase Ledger.

Currently the absence of this set up is creating a massive volume of Customer Refunds which thereafter result in a considerable amount of time spent by my colleagues to make sure all bank details are being filled in from the Customer Account to the relevant Supplier account to thereafter process the needed refund.
The process currently used is as follows:
1.Create Supplier accounts to mirror all necessary Customer accounts
2.Insert correct bank details from the Customer Account to the Supplier account
3.Move the balance from Sales Ledger to Purchase Ledger via Customer Payments by generating a Payment Proposal
4.Process Customer Refund in through Supplier Payments on Purchase Ledger

This whole process and preparation takes a total amount of two working days to finalize. This request being approved and developed would mean a huge help and would remove steps 1,2,4 mentioned above.

Due to current circumstances, our customer refunds have more than doubled therefore we are currently having to set up over 200 AP accounts for Customer refunds a month, whilst before we were only doing two runs of around 60 refunds.

As you can imagine this process is extremely manual, exposed to mistakes, as well as the time involved in completing this process from start to finish is not sustainable.

I would like you to please consider the development of a BACS Payment Method within the Electronic Reporting that is mirroring the one already available within the Purchase ledger.

Thank you very much,
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback.

We may consider this in our roadmap.


PM, Leonid Nesterov,