Set subcontract item' lead time to be 10 days for purchase order on item default order settings. When create and estimate a production order with delivery date 2/20/2023 (in the further), the subcontract purchase order is created with the same delivery date with production order.It doesn’t consider lead time set on item, which should be 2/10/2023 for purchase order delivery date.

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Would you be able to provide us with a repro step document, including what the system is currently doing and what you would expect? We would like to better understand the issue. 


Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Product Manager, Microsoft




I agree with Jasmine. Order Date and Delivery date for subcontracting planned purchase order are the same. MRP doesn't take into account the lead time set up on the service item.

The delivery date is defined according with the production order scheduling. But I'm expecting to have an "Order date" for the subcontracting planned purchase order that reflects the lead time.

So, we can plan our shipment to the subcontracting vendor, we can communicate our forecasts, etc.

This is a must have.

Category: Planning