Users are not allowed to assign a different customer address when an RMA is created in D365FO.

The current RMA process uses the customers primary address as the default address, regardless of weather the RMA is linked to a sales order or not. There is no option to change this address.

This address defaults to the Return Order document. The issue with this is the document is not functional as it does not provide the correct address for collection. Also, this document does not work for the customer as it potentially has their postal address or head office address and does not have the address where stock is being returned from.

The following is suggested:

* Allow users to change the customer address on the RMA.
* Pull this address through to the sales order that is created off an RMA.
* Default the address from the original sales order, if a sales order has been selected using Return > Find sales order.
Needs Votes
Ideas Administrator

Thanks for suggestion. The address model for RMA is the same as for Sales Order, as the RMA is simply a Sales Order of type Returned Order. In order to support the request a sizable design change is required. For that reason more votes are needed.