For Knowledge Management and CRM/USD interface.

We have a requirement to add Tagalog as a language for Knowledge Articles and Scripting. Based on research and an SR with Dynamics, to do so in a supported fashion, we need product development to be done to create a new Language Pack. 


From a Microsoft Engineer:

Technically speaking, the list of languages that is listed for KBs comes from an entity called languagelocale. There is nothing preventing you from adding another language to this entity through the SDK, but it is not considered a supported action; thus, there is no guarantee as to whether service updates or CDUs will cause added language locales to be removed. 

If you feel there is a high demand for his language locale across multiple customers besides just this one, then we would encourage you to add it as a desire in the CRM Ideas Portal, if you haven’t already.

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Hi, we have a solution for this here: https://www.linguaskin.com/applications.aspx?c=d365t#crm, this enables a multilingual capability for D365 (all apps), PowerApps, etc and will work with any languages.

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