It would be nice to be able to store descriptions in the general ledger account for each language.

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Thank you for your feedback.
We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?
We already have the ability to define a translation of the main account Name.  Is this what the requirement is?  If not, what do you mean by 'description' for the ledger account?
We would appreciate additional detail on your expectations.
Kristi Slininger, PM



Hello Kristi,

sorry, for the delay. I did not look at the ideas portal for a some time.

Yes, there is a possibility to stora a translation. The idea is, that dependent on the language the company code is set up with the accounts show the descriptions of that language (if it is there). I have seen that at other ERPs and found it a very useful functionality, because several companies of a holding can use the same chart off accounts worldwide and use some accounts with a country specific business case instead of creating new accounts. This way the number of accounts can be kept at a reasonable number.

Kind Regards
Johannes Stempfle

Category: General Ledger